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Essentials Near the Powderloft Park City Condo for Rent
We've put all the essentials near the powderloft in this handy google map. You'll find the closest grocery story, 7-Eleven, liquor store, coffee, movie theater and more.

Ski Resorts around the Powderloft Park City Condo for Rent 
  1. Deer Valley Ski Resort (skiing only) - 5 min
  2. Park City Mountain Resort - 5 min
  3. The Canyons - 15 min
  4. Alta (skiing only) - 1 hour
  5. Snowbird - 1 hour
  6. Brighton - 1 hour
  7. Solitude - 1 hour
  8. Powder Mountain - 2 hours
  9. Snow Basin - 2 hours
  10. The backcountry - amazing but be sure to hire a guide. Check with White Pine Touring for books, advice, tours and equipment. Also check our local avalanche report at

Free Things To Do Around the Powderloft Park City Condo for Rent
  1. If you want to stretch your legs, Main Street is a 1.6 mile walk from the condo. Be sure to take this scenic pedestrian route! View Walk to Main Street from Park City Condo in a map.
  2. Hike on many miles of free (and very beautiful) trails.
  3. Go mountain biking on Park City's free and well maintained trails.
  4. Go road biking on one of many super scenic roads.
  5. Walk up and down historic Main Street.
  6. Go cross-country or skate skiing on free groomed trails maintained by Park City. There are several to choose from, my favorites are Park Meadows and the Round Valley trailhead in Quinn's Junction.
  7. Go for a stroll on the Rail Trail, located directly behind the condo. The famous Rail Trail stretches for 20+ miles to the east.
  8. Ride the funicular at St. Regis at Deer Valley - awesome views and fun for kids!
  9. Go to a free concert at The Canyons every Saturday in the summer.
  10. Go to a free concert at Deer Valley every Wednesday in the summer.
Things to Know About Liquor Laws in Utah
  1. Utah liquor laws have come a long way in recent years. Today they are very similar to the liquor laws in Washington State (where I'm from) and really aren't an inconvenience at all.
  2. Liquor is sold in state-run liquor stores (same as in Washington state and others) which are closed on Sundays. Prices are a little higher than some other states such as AZ, but are actually lower than they are in WA.
  3. Even though liquor stores are closed on Sundays you can still buy beer in grocery stores on Sunday (and every other day).
  4. Beer in grocery stores and beer on tap is always 3.2% alcohol by weight. (This is equivalent to 4.0% alcohol by volume which is how every single other beer is measured.)
  5. For non-3.2 beer shop at the liquor store. The liquor stores stock all the good beer you'd expect and they are all at their regular alcohol percentages. However they aren't in coolers so plan a little ahead.
  6. The liquor store by The Market is the closest to the condo. It's the largest liquor store in Utah and features a wonderful wine selection.
  7. In restaurants drinks are limited to 1.5 ounces per drink. This is fine for most drinks except maybe martinis which look more like mar-teeny-weenies.
  8. In nightclubs and bars you can have 1.5 ounces of each type of liquor; e.g. a saketini comes with an ounce and a half of sake and an ounce and a half of vodka.
  9. Park City has a local distillery called High West that also features an excellent restaurant.
  10. Park City also has a free shuttle system that picks you up and drops you off right outside the condo parking lot, so ride the free shuttle and drink without any worries of driving under the influence. Cheers!